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*Night time in New York City*

Suzuki: My name is Suzuki...right now my brothers and I are in a mess of trouble.

Four turtles and a cat are being cornered in a dark Ali by a group of thugs called the purple dragons.

Suzuki: Our back are up agents a wall in some trash room Ali, corner by the toughest street gang on the east side.

Thug 1: Look at the freaks!
Thug 2: Whats with the deweby costumes!?
Thug 3: This an't Halloween
Thug Leader: Your going down freaks!
Thugs: Yeah!!
Thug Leader: No one messes with the Purple Dragons! Especially wearing stupid animal costumes!!

Suzuki: He is Wrong, we aren't wearing costumes.

*The turtles and the cat attack the thugs*

*theme song here*

A couple of hours ago in the New York city sewer. In a lair where no one will think to look.

Splinter: Now remembers, to be a true Ninja you must become one with the Shadows. Darkness gives the ninja power, while light reversals the ninjas presences. *said the gray rat holding a cane with a light candle on it.* Now can you extinguish this flame with out revealing yourselfs. *grabs the candle and holds it in hand*

One shadow tries to extinguish the flame, but the rat dodges the shadow. As the shadow runs into the wall.

Splinter: To noise Donatello.

The next shadow tries his hand, yet again Splinter dodges and the Shadow runs into Donatello.

Splinter: To clumsy Michelangelo.

The third Shadow tries, but yet again the shadows miss and goes into Michelangelo and Donatello.

Splinter: Suzuki, Your head on approach those not always work.

The forth shadow tries a sneak attack,Splinter dodges it. The shadow tries again, but he gets tripped by Splinter cane and goes into Michelangelo, Donatello, and Suzuki.

Splinter: Poor choice Raphael.

The last Shadow goes for the high approach and slices the candle in half. The lift part of the candle lands on the shadow sword. the Light reveals a green turtle wearing blue mask. He blows out the candle. 

Splinter: *turns on the light* Well done Leonardo.
Raph: Teachers pet *said in a mad tone*
Leo: Ninja dropout. *toss Raph the candle*
Donnie, Mikey, and Suzuki: Wooooo
Raph: *smashes the candle and was about to attack Leo.
Splinter: My Sons! *stops them by putting his cane between them* Ah, my children if you are to become true ninja you must work harder. Your path in life will not be an easy one.*the turtles and the cat sit in a row in front of Splinter*
Mikey: *gets distracted by a fly*
Splinter: The outside world will not be a friendly place for you. You five are different in ways the surface dwellers would never understand. To survive you must master these skills I teach you.
Mikey: *Still is distracted by the fly*
Splinter: Ninjutus powers of stealth and secrecy. You must become Kage, Shadow warriors! 
Mikey: *Still is distracted by the fly*
Splinter: And you must never be discovered by the outside world.
Mikey: *finally kills the fly but looks up to see Splinter looking at him*

Things begin to shake, earthquake?!

Splinter: Huh what is that noise?
*the cat and the turtles stand up*
Mikey: Woaha earthquake.
Suzuki: I don't like this.
Donnie: In New York? possible but not likely. *part of the wall fells off and almost hits Donnie*

The wall was burst open and weird robot thing comes out of the wall. The turtles and cat takes there weapons out. Leo has 2 Katanas swords, Raph 2 Sais, Donnie has a bow staff , Mikey has 2 Nunchucks, and finally Suzuki has 2 Tessens. There was not just one of these little robot things. There were lots of them.

Leo: What are those things?
Mikey: New York City Cockroaches?
Suzuki: They look more likes weird toy dinos to me.
Raph; What ever they are they pick the wrong party to crash!! *runs up and kicks one and it lands on its back, the other begin to attack*
Donnie: *hits on with his Bow Staff, he tries to hit another one but it bites on his staff* hey! *lifts his staff up and smashes the robot down on the ground*
Mikey: Ah *smashes a few robot with his nunchucks and more kept on coming* Hey Leo! Think fast!! *throws one to Leo*
Leo" *slices it in half* ahh *keeps on slicing more and more*
Suzuki: * Smashes more and more of them* How many of these things are there!?
Splinter: *smashing them with his cane.
Leo: We have to help master Splinter! Come on.

*The siblings smashes the robots trying to get to Splinter*

Suzuki: huh? *Looks around* Hey these robot are eating our home!

*the roof looks like it is caving in.*

Leo: Look out!! *pulls Raph out of the way as the roof is caving in blocking the way to Splinter* Oh no!
Raph: Master Splinter!

As the smoke dies down the turtles and cat run over to the fallen roof. Leo tries to get past it but could not.

Leo: Master Splinter!! Master Splinter!! NOOOO!

Raph: *Raph finished off the last of the robots*
Mikey: What the shell are those things.
Raph: Whatever they were *kicks one* there junk now.
Suzuki: Guys, Splinter we got to find Splinter. Master Splinter! Can you hear me!?
Leo: Donatello, any way too- *looks at Donnie* ah what are you doing?
Donnie: *has a shell cell in hand* Shell cell, I'm calling Master Splinter, I hope.

*On the other side of the broken down wall and roof*

Splinter:*knocked out by the wall falling. slowly started to wake up and sits up, answers his Shell cell* Hmm, Which button do you press to answer this thing.

*the turtle bros and Suzuki were very happy to hear splinters voice.*

Suzuki: *Takes the phone* Master Splinter!
Splinter: *pushing buttons* Hello?
Suzuki: Are you alright.
Splinter: *pushing buttons* Hello?
Suzuki: Master Splinter?
Splinter: Stupid device.
Suzuki: Dad you don't have to push any buttons, you already answered it.
Splinter: ah, Suzuki whatever those mechanical menaces are, they have manged eat through the support stretcher of our home. We must leave right away. Meet me at the old drainage junction in south point.
Raph: *pushes Mikey out of the way*
Mikey: ow
Donnie: *takes out a old map of the sewer* If we take the south conduit , it will intercept with the drainage tunnel.
Leo: *takes the phone from Suzuki* We'll meet you there Sensei.
Mikey: What he say, what he say? Did he mention me?
Raph: *pushes Mikey again*

*The turtles grab a few things before leaving*

Mikey: Goodbye broken pipe, goodbye grungy payphone, goodbye dented manhole cover, goodbye home sweetie home.
Raph: Hello cruel world, come on *grabs Mikey and fallows the others*

The turtle bros and Suzuki leave there lair, those weird robot made even more damage to the sewer area then they thought.

Leo: looks like those things have been thought here.
Suzuki: Dang this place look more like a dumb then a sewer.
Donnie: These walls are seriously compromised. it's lucky that this roof hasn't caved in.
Suzuki: you were saying Donnie.

*the path they were was blocked but a cavern.*

Leo: Can't go forward, can't go back.
Raph: Looks like we go up. *goes to a ladder that leads to the surface*
Leo: Hitting the surface is a bad idea.
Donnie: We go no other away to go Leo.
Suzuki: Yeah. we will go up there and find another way to the drainage junction.
Leo; ah, Alright we will only go up to go down the next manhole. Got it! No fooling around. Remember what sensei said. It's dangerous for us to be seen. Let alone captured, we need to stay out of sight.
Raph: We got it the first thousands times Leo, just fallow my lead. *climbs the leader*

*Raph gets to the manhole cover and removes it. He looks then gets out of the sewer and goes to the wall. Leo pokes his head up.*
Mikey: Come on Leo move it. I don't want to be starring at your butt any longer then I have to.
Suzuki: Well i don't have to stare at yours Mikey.
Donnie: What about your tail Suzuki.
Suzuki: Hey its not my fault my tail has fur on it.
Leo: Shhh Guys.*duck his head as Raph hides by the wall.

*As the car move past Raph crosses the street. He gets on a lamp post before a couple leave a club. Raph looks and he see a manhole cover*

Raph: Ahh manhole cover 12 clock. *He crosses the street before anyone see him.* ahh now what?

*Yet before he gets to the manhole cover a Metal truck come and parks on the manhole cover. As a few thugs leave the truck and go into a building.*

Raph: *goes to the truck* Great that's just great. The old turtle luck working true to form. *kicks the truck*

*the other fellow*

Leo: Way to be stealthy Raph.
Mikey: Yeah I don't think they heard you over in Jersey.
Raph: Give me a hand.
Suzuki: *gets ready to clap*
Raph: Don't even think about it sis,
Suzuki and Mikey: hehehe
Raph: Ah forget you guys I'll push it myself.

*As Raph tries to push the truck, The thugs were coming back Raph hid in the truck*

Suzuki: No Raph bad spot.

*The thugs come out with begs and they throw them in the truck. Raph hid in the roof of the truck. The truck drives away*

Mikey: Oh man, image there surprise when they open the back of that truck.
Suzuki: This is what Splinter said would happen. We got to get him out of there.
Donnie: Last one to the roof hatched from a rotten egg.

*The Turtles and Suzuki get on the roof and begin to jump from roof top to roof top.*

Leo: We can cut them off at third and first.
Donnie: If we run like crazy.
Mikey: Is there any better way to run.
Suzuki: Lets go!!

*They Continue to jump to roof top to roof top as they try to keep up to the truck. Meanwhile with Splinter*

Splinter: *walks into the drainage junction* Ahh, the old drainage junction. Now where are my children.

*Noises started to come from below Splinters feet. Those Robots are back.....Back to the Turtles*

*the thugs drive into a ali and parks with Raph still inside they leave the Truck*

Thug leader: Hey Twoton watch the truck we wouldn't want Somebody to steal our stolen money. Hahahah *Walks in the building*

*As Twoton watches the truck until Mikey taps his shoulder*

Mikey: Hey. This is a no parking zone, here's your ticket. And here's your fine. *kicks him in the face and knocks him out*
Leo: Nice Work Mikey.
Mikey: It's a ninja thing.
Leo: Now lets get Raph out of there.

*Raph bangs on the window*

Suzuki: Man, what ever happen to good old pad locks.
Donnie: Wheres the fun in that.*Takes out screwdrivers* This ones all mine.

*Raph bangs on the window*

Mikey: Whats that Raphael? Your going to have to speak up dude. I can't hear you.

*Raph bangs on the window hard*

Suzuki: He hears you Mikey.
Mikey: Ok I heard that
Donnie: i'm trying to work here.

*back to Splinter*
Splinter *surrounded by the Robots. One started to pull on his rope so he smacks it with his tail. he gets ready for more attacks*

*back to the Turtles*
Donnie: *working on the locks and got it unlocked*
Mikey: Hey Raph welcome back bro
Raph: *Attacks Mikey and gets him on the ground*
Leo: What a Hothead.

*Leo, Donnie, and Suzuki look over and take out there weapons*

Suzuki: Ahh Raph, we don't have time for this.
Raph: And why is that? *looks up to see all the gang members with weapons.*
Thug 1: Look at the freaks!
Thug 2: Whats with the deweby costumes!?
Thug 3: This an't Halloween
Thug Leader: Your going down freaks! No one messes with the Purple Dragons! Especially wearing stupid animal costumes!!

*Donnie, Mikey, Suzuki, Raph, and Leo attack the thugs. Knocking some out and then they runs away.*

Mikey: Give me some paw sis
Suzuki: *high fives Mikey*
Donnie: Well that was easier then expected.
Raph: I hope there are more of those guys,  I'm just getting warmed up.
Suzuki: ummm well looks like you got your wish bro.

*On the roof tops looking down on them are Ninja in black clothing*

Leo: Are those guys ninjas?
*All the ninjas jump down to the ground surrounding Leo, Donnie, Mikey, Raph, and Suzuki*
Suzuki: It sure looks like it Leo.
Leo: be ready for anything.
Raph: I'm so going to enjoy this.

*The turtles bros and Suzuki begin to fight the ninjas. But yet the Ninjas just get back up*
Raph: *Ninjas surround him and they try to hit him.* Nice dragon kick, ahh sweet double Phoenix punch. Hey do you know this one.
*Kicks all 3 in one kick*

*they Continue to fight*

*Donnie and Suzuki get throw into the truck*
Suzuki: Don, are we beating them or are they beating us?
Donnie: Grabs the door of the truck to block ninjas star from hitting Suzuki* Ask me again when were winning Suzuki.
Suzuki: yeah, that is what I thought.

*back to Splinter*
Splinter *surrounded by the Robots. and whacks them with his cane. One tries a sneak attack but Splinter destroyed it. Looks down and the floor is caving in. Splinter falls in the hole. When he stops falling he see something.

*Back to the turtles*
*They were STILL FIGHTING. They regroup at the truck*
Raph: How many of these goons do we have to bap before they get the hint?!
Mikey: Really they just keep coming.
Suzuki: I'm so tired. I can't keep this up.
Leo: Time to switch to plan B. Donatello.
Donnie: *Was wiring the truck* Almost there Leo, *Gets the truck working* This bus now leaving anywhere but here!!
Leo: *grabs Raph* Come on were going. 

*They get into the truck and drive away*

Mikey: woaha Nice driving Don, for a turtle with no license.
Donnie: Hey you want it pretty, or you want effective.
Suzuki: Oh i feel sick *Holds mouth closed* 
Mikey: I got to tell you this has been one mardo bizaro day. First all those metal robots things underground. And whats with all those ninjas, Ninjas in new York City besides up. It's just not right!
Raph; Talk about not right check this out *Dump money out of the bag in the truck*
Mikey: *Picks up the money* Show me the money baby. Woooo!!
Leo:This isn't finders keepers Mikey.

*The turtles stop the truck and throws the begs full of money at a cop car*
Suzuki: Take care of this will yeah, thanks guys *Drives off *

Cop 1: A Giant feline with pink fur just threw money at up.
Cop 2: Newbies

*They drive the truck to the old drainage junction, where Splinter was waiting for them.*

Mikey: hey
Donnie: hey
Leo: Sensei your alright
Raph: Wooo
Suzuki: yay
Splinter: Yes, i'm glad to see you too my children .
Leo: Master Splinter, so much has happened today.
Splinter: Yes, There will be time to tell me all about it later Leonardo. But first I wish to take you all home.
Suzuki: Home? 
Raph; We got no home, those robots trashed our pad remember sensei.
Splinter: Do not worry. I think i have found a solution to our current housing problem. fellow me my children. *jumps in the hole he fell down earlier. Leo goes down, then Donnie, Suzuki, Mikey gets pushed down by Raph. When they stopped falling they walked with Splinter*
Suzuki: no offence Master Splinter, but this place those not seem like home.
Splinter: Look with your heart my daughter. And not your eyes.
Suzuki: Umm alright?
Splinter: And walk this way.

*they into a secret lair it was bigger then there last home. So many rooms.*
Turtles and Suzuki: Woaha
Mikey; this is be on awesome.
Donnie: I could really tune this place up

*Suzuki and her bros begin to look around*
Mikey: This room here is mine. *jumps down to Suzuki* where your standing also mine.
Suzuki: No way dude this is my room.!
Splinter: You see my children change is good.
Leo: We couldn't agree more Master Splinter.
Splinter: Good, So lets you kids clean up for a change. this chamber is filthy. 
Turtles and Suzuki: *groans*

*Somewhere unknown*
Thug leader: Sir, I-I My men we lost the armor car and the money.But we were attacked. by some sort of karate frog and a cat  creatures or something. they took us by surprised. It wasn't my fault.
Thug leader: I promise master, i won't fail you again.
?:I know, You won't fail me again ever!
Thug leader: no sir please!!! *bows* *Screams in pain*
Link here for the episode (Warning NO SUZUKI )…

This is The TMNT universe i live in.

Now I am sorry to My DA bros who joined My TMNT family Sorry :iconvicioushedgehog95: and :iconcodythefastestfox: for not adding your OC's in this TMNT story. They are coming.

Now I hadd this Idea that i would rewrite the TMNT 2003 scripts and add Suzuki. and I finally don it. IT TOOK ME HOURS!!!!!!!!! So i won't be apple to upload on ever day
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Oh, about Vicious the Hedgehog's origins in this universe, he has been carrying his wooden sword since his parents died when he was only 3, killed by a mysterious armored assassin with a blade. :( He didn't go to an orphanage, he just travelled to New York, with limited amount of food in his small backpack. He's 4 now, but still remembers what the assassin looked like. Soon, he ran into Suzuki.
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